What Is Good Conference Room Etiquette?

What Is Good Conference Room Etiquette?

One of the biggest advantages of shared office space is the generous access to large, well-equipped conference rooms. However, in order to gain these perks, you must adhere to the proper conference room etiquette set by the provider.

When it comes to using workspace, it goes without saying that one should be an excellent suitemate. The Legal Domain, a provider of quality coworking space in West Palm Beach, Florida, puts special emphasis on the code of etiquette we’ve developed for using conference rooms, so as to create the ideal workspace atmosphere and maintain respect between our clients.

What is a good conference room etiquette?

It is when:

  1. You leave the room as clean, or even cleaner, than when you entered it. Cleaning up after yourself shows how you respect your colleagues who will be using the conference room next. In the event that you cannot clean up the mess yourself, letting the staff know so a clean room can be presented to next guests is a viable option.
  2. You schedule enough time for your meetings. Meeting times can be unpredictable and a client may turn up for a meeting later than the agreed upon time or request for an extension because of urgent matters that need be raised and discussed. You should already be anticipating these events in order to reserve enough time for your meetings and not step over the time of other users.
  3. You book and cancel early. If you’re planning to hold a meeting, make sure to check the booking schedules as early as possible. This will prevent you from scrambling to get a reservation. As an extension to this rule, you should also make it a point to cancel ahead of time if you’re planning to reschedule, change the venue, or not proceed with your meeting at all.
  4. You let the staff handle any conflicts with your reservation. It is never your job to handle any conflicts with reservation yourself. You need to leave it to the staff to handle these matters as it may cause tension between you and another conference room user. The staff are well-equipped to handle these situations and are ready to come under fire from other clients if need be.
  5. You are accommodating to other users. Awareness of the parameters of your meeting helps you exercise proper conference room etiquette. You could always offer the larger conference room you’ve booked to a bigger group, while you and your guest opt for a smaller one. When you’re this accommodating to other guests, you’ll surely be able to maintain good relationships.

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