Simply put, the executive and virtual office models that currently exist don’t work well for lawyers or other licensed professionals because they fail to inspire confidence in potential clients. This is where TLD can help.

About TLD: Company Concept

The Legal Domain (TLD) provides a suitable environment for lawyers and “serious” professionals, one that projects the proper image to the world, while at the same time offering the savings and flexibility of modern corporate suites. The concept was designed by attorneys with the idea of reducing costs, pooling resources, and providing the public a convenient place to find legal and professional services.

Today, of course, the business world has become very familiar with virtual offices and executive suites. Companies, such as WeWork and Regus have proven the advantages of flexible office solutions both here in the U.S. and internationally. However, while these companies offer a very efficient solution for many businesses, the set-up tends to be problematic for attorneys and other professional services providers.

It’s about perception.

Clients looking for IT services or start-up companies, for example, do not mind an open-space concept. That set up works well for many businesses. But, that is not the image clients appreciate when it comes to choosing professional services, where important, confidential matters are discussed.

And, thus, The Legal Domain came to be. TLD’s main office is in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida, which is a space that blends the law chambers and executive office concepts . . . and takes the next logical steps. The office space looks and feels like a modern firm because that is what it is — an amalgamation of several legal and professional practices under one roof.

TLD’s charm is in providing the same economy of scale benefits large firms enjoy but without having to give up your autonomy.

Since TLD caters strictly to attorneys and licensed professionals, the company can offer cost-effective solutions for the services and supplies all professionals need.

Our Mission
To bring together independent practitioners and small firms in order to gain the flexibility and savings of the shared space concept but without sacrificing public image.

You are busy and so are we. No games. No sales pitch. You have Plans & Pricing info available right on this site. If you want additional info, or you want to come see office space, please contact us.