The Expectations and Costs Associated with a Virtual Office


An office is typically a necessity for any lawyer. With this space, whether it may be a coworking space or a solo one, a legal professional can entertain clients, review their cases, and perform general legal work.

For a lawyer who is just starting to establish a career in the industry, renting an entire physical space can be both impractical and unnecessary. This is the reason why a lot of lawyers in the same scenario rent a virtual office in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The Expectations

It is safe to say that working in a virtual space is different from working in an actual physical establishment. There are a number of things that you can expect from this situation:

  • You get to have professional contact details for your firm, including business address and phone number.
  • You have the option to select a package where the services of a live receptionist are included. This means that calls to your firm will be answered by the live receptionist and processed accordingly.
  • Upon your instructions, calls and mails can be forwarded to you and your chosen contact details.
  • If you need a physical space where you can facilitate a meeting with other lawyers or conduct consultations with clients, you get to access a physical space prepared by the provider.
  • If you need an access to another location, you can get it as long as it is within your provider’s network.
  • Other essential office tasks may be available depending on the situation.

The Costs

You can expect virtual Law Office Suites in Florida to vary in terms of costs. The costs will depend on a number of factors. These include the following factors:

  • Location
    The specific location where the office you will be renting is at will be a great determining factor for its cost. More urban areas generally result in higher costs.
  • Services
    The total cost of renting the virtual space will also depend on the kind and number of services you will be taking advantage of.

The Legal Domain assists you in finding virtual office spaces for your law firm or practice. Give us a call today to check out our service offerings.

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