Shared Law Office Space: Tips to Make a Good Impression

Shared Law Office Space: Tips to Make a Good Impression

Why do you need to make a good impression as a lawyer? Simple, you want to earn your client’s trust. With it, you will be able to better cooperate with the client on a case… and in most times, it will make your job a lot easier.

However, trust is not always something that can be easily gained. At the same time, it is not something that is completely out of reach either. In order to make a good first impression and eventually build trust in a shared law office space, it would be wise for you to:

  • Prepare yourself before getting into the reception area.
    Check yourself. Are your clothes in order? Is the expression on your face welcoming? Right before you enter the reception area in your virtual office in West Palm Beach, Florida, pause and take a small breath to reset yourself when you’re about to meet your client. Don’t let the negativity from the rest of your day affect your behavior for your next meeting. Remember, your clients require and deserve your undivided attention. On a final note, don’t forget to smile. It will help you look more confident and trustworthy.
  • Be polite.
    Common courtesy may seem pretty obvious when it comes to dealing with clients. However, it never hurts to have a small reminder every now and then. Address your client by their preferred name, smile, make eye contact, and offer them a firm handshake. These small gestures demonstrate empathy and interest, which at the same time communicates your sense of professionalism to your client.
  • Put the client at ease.
    Some clients may feel shy or intimidated when meeting with a lawyer for the first time. And you may already know this from experience, but a client that has their guard up isn’t exactly easy to work with. Thankfully, you can set the tone of the conversation and loosen them up by initiating small talk focused on subjects other than the topic of your meeting. You may also offer them a beverage to help them feel more welcome in your office.
  • Act as a guide.
    You may know how things usually go when it comes to working on a case but in most situations your client does not. Don’t be so quick to assume that your client has a full understanding of the whole proceeding. What you should do instead is give them a short explanation of what will be happening next. Doing this reassures the client that you are well in command of the case and that you know exactly what you’re doing. As an effect, it will convince them to trust you more.

Are you ready to have a shared law office space?

The Legal Domain is ready whenever you are. We have coworking spaces and private offices that are specially designed to help build your practice. We also provide support services which include but are not limited to paralegal services, billing services, and more, all available for your convenience.

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