Like any other company offering shared office space, TLD provides access to a large, well-equipped conference room for:

  • client consultations
  • video conferences
  • depositions
  • mediations
  • meetings

What is different about our conference room is that it is within a professional firm setting.  So, for one thing, the room is designed for confidential discussions.  For another, the setting is appropriate for addressing serious matters.  The conference room is in a setting where professional services are practiced, not an office with a Hodge-podge of different businesses that have nothing to do with licensed practice.

“Client confidence is of particular importance in legal and professional fields.  Clients need to feel their matter is treated with the utmost professionalism and that your practice resides within the culture and environment they expect.”

That is the difference TLD provides.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  Don’t lose business because of your setting.  Make sure you get off on the right foot and create the image you want the client to have of you and your practice.

You may be fantastic at what you do, but it’s always about perception.