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One of the great things about getting a group of attorneys together is the symbiotic exchange of referrals and services.  We all need hearing coverage from time to time.  And, why not pick up some extra work if you are going to be around the courthouse, anyway?

So, if you are looking to provide hearing coverage, being part of TLD will be worthwhile just for the work you will pick up.

And, if you need coverage, you are better off staying within the network of TLD attorneys.  We will even help:

  1. If you don’t have someone specifically in mind, let us know what kind of coverage you need, and TLD will put you in touch with the right attorney.
  2. If you want TLD to keep track of the coverage assignments, we provide both attorneys with a record of the hearings covered.

Providing a sort of “exchange” for hearing coverage is just another logical extension of the TLD concept.  It’s another example of the mutual benefits that arise naturally from coming under the TLD umbrella.