Holding Virtual Meetings in Your Virtual Office Space


One of the many things that lawyers have to do is to talk to their clients about their cases. In most cases, this includes conducting a series of meetings over the course of the clients engaging the lawyers’ services. While many clients go to Law Office Suites in Florida to meet with their attorneys, many of those who rent virtual office spaces resort to visual meetings.

Holding a virtual meeting is almost similar to holding a meeting in person in terms of decorum. But still, it pays to know what you should do when you hold such meeting with a client.

  1. Make the necessary preparations.
    Being prepared for the meeting can help boost your confidence, especially when you are talking with an important client or your first client. Schedule the meeting at the most convenient time for you and your client. Get appropriate documents ready. Most importantly, aim to look presentable.
  2. Minimize distractions.
    Distractions are not only present in a coworking space. Virtual space can also have a number of distractions that can affect your meeting. These distractions may include traffic noise from your own spot, open windows inviting outdoor noise and even typing on the keyboard. Keep these distractions at a minimum level.
  3. Know when to mute the conversation.
    When you are in a virtual meeting, you have the mute button as your best friend. You can just easily put everything on mute in certain occasions, such as when you need to talk to an associate personally on your end.

    Just make sure that you know the right times as to when to mute the conversation. Otherwise, muting often can be quite rude, distracting and disrespectful to the participants. They might think that you do not want to talk to them or are not focused on what you are doing.

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