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Why Consider Sharing an Office with Other Solo Lawyers?

Opening an office as a solo attorney has its fair share of challenges from both a logistical and financial perspective for there are difficult decisions to be made when it comes to running business operations. In today’s day and age, however, people, including new solo attorneys, can take advantage of a wide range of solutions … Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Attorneys Go for Co-working Spaces

Affordable office spaces specifically-designed to meet an attorney’s needs can be hard to come by. However, one of the things they don’t teach people in law school is how to make the best business decisions. A lot of lawyers tend to get more space than they actually need with the anticipation that they will be … Continue reading

How Can Virtual Offices Benefit Attorneys?

From the surface, a virtual office in West Palm Beach, Florida is a great idea for many different kinds of businesses such as developers, IT firms, and more. From here they are able to provide their services to their clients in a convenient manner, without having a physical office to deal with. However, can this … Continue reading

The Law Office of the Future

Modern day office environments are great places to be in. They are trendy, open, and cultivate creativity. However, even though these places provide huge benefits to many different kinds of companies, they are not ideal for attorneys looking for a suitable office place from where they can offer their legal services. This is due to … Continue reading

3 Tips on Customizing Your Private Law Office

Setting up your private law office can be challenging, especially if you’re going to do it by yourself. Customizing your office is a sign of ownership. It means that you’re making a space yours. It is entirely up to you on how you can make your office more inviting and comfortable for your clients or … Continue reading

Sharing With Other Attorneys: 3 Ways to Prevent Ethical Violations

Academic, clinical, industrial, and legal offices in the 21st century have changed in form due to several innovations in interior design, technology, and ergonomics. One of the developments in the legal field is the creation of coworking spaces, where lawyers share office space even though they are not affiliated with each other or have different … Continue reading